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WATRA Services

We provide advice based around business drivers to help companies make better informed decisions more quickly.  The agency provides a range of support and services to help foreign companies quickly establish and develop their operations in Africa.  Our services include:

  • Attracts, welcomes, promotes, supports and retains investment in Africa.
  • Promotes Africa internationally as an attractive investment destination through marketing, events, and strategic outreach.
  • Provides investors service Informs investors of Africa’s institutional, tax, legal, and financial framework.
  • Supports investors in accessing funding, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Partners with relevant organizations, domestic and international, to promote Africa as an investment destination.
  • Promotes the export of Africa products and services internationally through marketing, events, and trade centres.
  • Supports Africa producers and service providers with guidance, assistance, information and resources to better reach international markets.
  • Connects Africa exporters and entrepreneurs with potential partners around the world.
  • Organizes the presence of Africa companies at conferences, fora, exhibitions and trade shows in global markets.
  • Hosts foreign delegations and visitors to Africa
  • Briefs foreign buyers on the market and Africa’s export potential.
  • Partners with relevant organizations, domestic and international, to promote Africa’s export market


At WATRA, we operate in a global entrepreneurial environment. Our competitive edge lies in our practical experience-based approach towards global expansion service. WATRA has a direct, personal approach and a hands-on mentality.

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Are you planning to set up business abroad? Or just gathering information about how and where you might start? We would be happy to hear about your plans and discuss how WATRA can help.

More On What We Do

International Trade.

WATRA can help you examine long-term loans, export credit, working capital and trade finance. We have direct experience with commercial and investment banks, development banks, multilateral financial institutions, investment funds, and export and investment insurance agencies. Our team of specialists regularly analyzes finance trends to ensure that we are at the forefront of trade finance.

At WATRA, our International Trade Finance Group offers expert advice to mitigate risk and enhance revenue opportunities when conducting international trade. We understand credit and payment risks and can help formulate a tailored trade solution to improve your competitiveness in the global markets.

In addition, WATRA provides innovative financing solutions to assist exporters with transactional risk mitigation, giving them a competitive edge. We work with export credit agencies to help you reduce risk.

Our Trade Finance Advisory Services Include:

  1. Market Research And Intelligence.
  2. Partner Searches
  3. Export Sales and Marketing Training
  4. Proactive Targeting and Lead Generation
  5. Export Programme Delivery
  6. Export Market Strategy Consultancy
  7. Sales Development Visits
  8. Trade Mission Delivery
  9. Translation and accompaniment


• Specialized in B2B export sales development
• Broad sectoral knowledge
• Over10 years of experience in B2B Matchmaking
• Locals operating in their domestic markets
• Local language skills, networks & local knowledge
• Multilingual approach
• Effective and pragmatic export development
• Diplomatic sales advocacy
• Flexible and committed
• Sales development successes