Our Services

We provide advice based around business drivers to help companies make better informed decisions more quickly.  The agency provides a range of support and services to help foreign companies quickly establish and develop their operations in Africa.

Market Research

Deeply detailed primary and secondary market research for companies wanting to make serious, data-backed decisions. Financial integrity is at the heart of our business and project management systems.

Site Selection

Analytical, data and process-backed site selection services for companies seeking the optimal location for a planned investment.

Corporate Structuring

Strategy-backed advisory services for companies seeking to mitigate tax liabilities and minimize risk through varied corporate structure strategy.

Strategy Development & Feasibility Studies

Qualitative and quantitative data-based strategy development based on proven methods and comprehensive feasibility assessment for new projects

Government Approvals & Licensing

Support services for government licensing and approvals including strategy development and implementation for fast-track approvals and regulatory exemption

Regulatory Analysis

Regulatory analysis services for companies seeking to better understand and operate in compliance with local statute while minimizing regulatory burden

Supplier & Vendor Selection

A process-oriented approach to screening the universe of the local suppliers, vendors, distribution and joint venture partners including commercial integrity and reputation due diligence for companies growing and developing their networks in new markets

Trade Promotion & Strategy Development

• Economic & Industry Analyses • Trade Promotion Programs • FDI Attraction & Strategy Development • Economic Development Organization Representation • Policy Development & Government Relations

In-Country Advocacy

Advocacy support for companies on government incentives negotiations and public tenders and for private and public sector organization on policy reform.


We provide information on tax, skills, education and research programmes, labour law, investment opportunities, operating costs, infrastructure, support services, etc. We also compile information and statistics on key business sectors and locations in Africa. Further reports on FDI in Africa, including activities such as R&D and the economic outlook reports, are also regularly produced.

Making Connections

Another key function of the agency is facilitating introductions to peer companies and industry groups. We also make connections between companies and third-level institutions and agencies to ensure the necessary skills, experience and research capabilities exist to drive their business.

Event Management Programme

WATRA works with international investors and foreign owned companies to find the best partners for their businesses or to launch new projects with international partners. We expose our clients to the fastest growing markets and industries in Africa. WATRA creates platforms to form new partnerships and networks for its clients. We adapt the global standards into domestic resources to address the local needs. Dedicating to bridge the international and local markets, we ensure your business to succeed in Africa & beyond.