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Onesmus Masinde


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Clementina Mengich

Business Development

Our team has extensive experience conducting business in Africa with a proven track record of operating successful companies, professional services and marketing and sales organizations. Each service is delivered by its own team of experienced professionals using technical expertise and knowledge of specific markets to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of the international growth strategy of our clients. We have provided such services to a number of companies, from entrepreneurial start-ups to large privately owned or public listed companies from a wide variety of sectors. Our Foreign Direct Investment team has facilitated the creation of thousands of jobs and the attraction of several hundred million dollars of investment for our government clients.

We are known to be proactive, creative and totally focused on the success of our clients with whom we thrive to establish long-term win-win relationships. Our objective is to become the trusted partner of our clients in relation to their international expansion projects and to exceed their expectations in the delivery of our services. As a strategy and operations management consulting firm, we deliver value and unique solutions to clients. We continually build our knowledge and expertise through direct experience. We work to develop the most cost-effective strategies for our clients to establish operations, to make acquisitions, to expand, or to diversify their manufacturing and service industry investments throughout Africa.

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Special Teams

If you are seeking to establish or expand business operations in Africa, you will obviously want to talk to people who are knowledgeable about your sector and have local knowledge and experience. That's why we have sector specialists working in teams to give you the information and make the connections you need.
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